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Understanding Vascular Complications: A Primer of Essential Definitions

By James H. Black III, MD, FACS and George Arnaoutakis, MD, with illustrations by Jennifer E. Fairman, CMI, FAMI

There is a silent animation by these authors that shows the types of aortic dissection and how they form. It is available in two formats; click on your choice of format, and the animation will either begin to play or you will be offered a choice to save it to your drive. In Windows Media Video .wmv format (5 MB) here; in Quicktime Movie .mov format (14 MB) here.

See also EDNF’s Clinical Reference Manual: Vascular Type (a full-color, 20-page PDF) with detailed information on diagnosis, treatment, surgery/emergency medicine and an extensive glossary. There is also a quick reference PDF pamphlet available, our Vascular Type EDS Medical Resource Guide.

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